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ConversionRuler Tracking Opt-Out

In order to offer a privacy solutions for our customers, we offer the ability for web users to opt-out of all tracking for all ConversionRuler tracking, across all customer sites using ConversionRuler tracking. ConversionRuler Tracking Privacy Policy

Current sites being tracked by ConversionRuler

For our customer's privacy, the IDs of sites which have tracked you are displayed below:

Important Technical Limits regarding Opt-Out

Opt-out is performed by setting a special cookie in your browser which tags your browser to not be tracked - this cookie does not contain any personal information. If you use multiple browsers, then you will need to visit this page in each browser and choose to opt-out as indicated below.

Also note that our web servers log all activity to text-based log files and your web browser IP address and user agent may be logged when you visit pages containing our tracking software. However, your data will not be included in our customer data.


By clicking this button, your online activities will no longer be recorded by the ConversionRuler tracking software or visible to our clients.